Carpet need to go through from the cleaning process. Not only one method is in the list of cleaning process. There are several methods for the best carpet cleaning in Dubai. According to the material and quality of your carpet, select one which would suit on your carpet. 

Methods To Clean

Carpet shampoo, it is a most common and convenient method. It requires only a carpet shampoo and vacuum cleaner. Shampoo consist removing agents. The apartment deep cleaning in Dubai requires a deep cleaning that counts everything within. They can remove dirt particles from the carpet. Particles start to become breakable from the surface. After pulling the dirt, shampoo starts to dry and once it dry, the broken particles collected into the vacuum cleaner. Be careful while purchasing of carpet solution. You need better quality solution otherwise it would be harmful for the carpet material or the color would become faint.

Hot Water Extraction

It is another useful process for cleaning the carpet. It does not require steam for this purpose. It requires only hot water; temperature would be 150 to 200-degree Fahrenheit. Hot water spray with high pressure and temperature which can make dirt particles week and these particles can catch or attract by vacuum cleaner easily.

Dry Powder Method

There is a no need of water in this method. Carpet will not get wet. It requires only dry powder which act and react like a soaking agent. Powder shower on the carpet surface and left it over for 15 minutes. After leaving powder on the surface, use vacuum to remove dirt with dry powder.


This method is same like carpet shampoo method. This method form foams on the carpet with the help of rotating machine and vacuum machine collect the foam with including the dirt.

Detergent With White Vinegar

It requires white vinegar, liquid detergent

And add Luke warm water in equal quantity. This method is mostly use to remove stain from the particular area of the carpet.  Scrub the surface with thus mixture and rinse it in warm water. There is another method to remove particular spot by making the mixture of borax, vinegar in equal quantity and add few drops of lemon juice. Apply on the affected area and scrub it. In Dubai, many companies are providing the services of best carpet cleaning. The result that produces is more flawless and spotless. These services give tidier look and mended like new. People consider home cleaning methods for small carpets that can easily wash by them. But they consider best carpet cleaning companies to get better outcome without any damage.