There are several clinics of teeth cleaning in Abu Dhabi which are operating to provide their services so that people will have a good oral health and also they will get white teeth. Dentists at the best dental clinic in Abu Dhabi try to keep people aware of the reasons that why their teeth are getting yellow and stained. Some the reasons are as follows:

Aging: It is a factor which is inevitable. No one can run from this as you have to grow older every second. But you can slow the effects of aging by spending a healthy lifestyle. With time you consume different things which will affect your teeth’s white color and make them yellow. You can take care of your teeth by doing several home remedies as well as by getting dental treatments.

Food: There are many kind of food which is responsible for the yellowing of your teeth. Some of these foods are healthy and people take them for their good health, like smoothies of green vegetables, it is healthy for overall health of the body but too much consumption will lead to the tooth staining which has to be removed through dental processes. To minimize this thing you can take vegetables in rare form rather than the smoothie form. Some other reasons are caffeine drinks like tea and coffee also the colored soft drinks. These are also responsible for yellow teeth.

Tooth paste dependence: Tooth paste companies advertise that their tooth paste will remove all the stains from your teeth but you should never rely on them alone. They have the stain removing agents in their formula but these agents are not strong enough to remove all the stains form your teeth which were there for years. These agents may help your teeth in protecting against the new stains and remove them but they can’t remove the stubborn old ones. For those old stains you have to get the dental treatment from a recognized dentist. If you use these tooth pastes for long then there is a disadvantage too. The agents in these pastes are usually harsh and if they are applied regularly, they can damage the upper layer of teeth which will never recover after that and you have to get artificial layer on them.