When a couple is unable to conceive a child they will become frustrated and will be agreed to do anything to get a child. They will become helpless due to the peer and social pressure which demands a child from them. In this case they will be ready to any gynecologist they will heard of or recommended by someone. But they should have some patience and ask some questions before going to any gynecologist because there are often some doctors who only concerned about their fee charges and do not take a heed for the patients. Following are some questions which desperate couples should know:

Is she worth paying the fee she demanding? To get the answer of this question you should first ask this to your relatives of friends. After that you should also visit their clinic to get the idea about her way of treatment and ask from people who you find there. They will tell you the true picture of that clinic.

Is she giving a free visit: Very few doctors are in the favor of giving this free visit opportunity to the patients and in this visit they will first tell about their self and then how they treat patients and then will ask about your problem? You should keep this in your mind that they will never going to treat you in this free visit. They will only listen to you or will ask you to get some tests. Then you have to show them the reports of those tests and they will charge for that because only first visit is free.

Free of cost post operation advice: The gynecologist in Dubai, whom you choose to get treated from, should be the one who provide you one time free advice after any kind of operation you get form them. This free advice is associated with the operation only; any other treatment is not included in this offer.

Good gynecologists will always advice you to take care of yourself and be careful about your hygiene. Some of them will advise you to get the hydrafacial in Dubai every month to keep your facial skin hydrated. You have to pamper yourself in order to lessen your stress level and you should live the life to its fullest.