When you were diagnosed with diabetes, most of the patients will start panic that how they can survive now or now they have to take some special kind of diet etc. there is no need to panic. Yes you have to take some extra care about your diet but you do not need to take special food. You can just check the sugar level present in different kinds of foods and then plan your diet accordingly. If you find it difficult to make the plan for yourself then you can get the diabetes diet plan Dubai in which you will get the different kinds of food which are beneficial for you and the amount which you have to take in the whole day. You can even get the sweeter foods but with the suggested quantity. 

You should avoid taking any kind of carbohydrates which are present in the flour and rice. Carbohydrates are present in all the processed food like pasta, sugar and cereals. You should avoid taking these processed foods and get the alternate of them. You can take the vegan diet plan form your dietician so that you can have the perfect food for a healthy living. Following are some food items which are useful for a diabetic patient:

Roasted vegetables: When you are a vegan then you have no other option than eating vegetables as your food. You will have any food even when you are a diabetic patient but you have to cook them properly. If you want to get the lesser amount of calories and to maintain your blood sugar level then you should change your vegetables preparing style. 

Instead of cooking on the stove you should start roasting then in the oven. When you roast vegetables it will become more beneficial because the nutrients in the vegetables will be restored as compared to cooking where almost all or many nutrients of the food will be gone. Another benefit is that when you start roasting your vegetables, you will start using lesser amount of vegetable oil in them because roasting needs only a little bit of oil in them. You can use olive oil instead of normal soybean oil or any other oil because olive is better in nutrients than any other oil. You can roast in this.