What is a cocktail

Drinks are as important of a thing as much as food itself. There are literally countless types of drinks that you can choose form as per your likeness. Some drinks are meant to kick off the heat of the summer, they make you feel light and fresh, while there are some drinks that are meant to make you feel nice and warm when you are out and about on a stroll on a chilly winter evening. Then there are some drinks that are only served at parties, and then there are those other drinks which you can have with any of your meals. Some of the drinks are served at fine dining restaurants Dubai while some are only available at a cocktail bar Dubai.

One of such drinks amongst the many others is a cocktail. Cocktail is a very popular type of drink and almost everyone has at least heard of it in their life if not had it. But how do we define as to what type of drink or what a cocktail actually is? Well this article is dedicated to just that, because in this article we will be telling you all as to what a cocktail actually is. A cocktail is a type of drink that has any type of spirit in it as the main ingredient. There are a lot many types of cocktails that you can choose from. Usually a cocktail is a drink which has at least one type of spirit that is mixed with many other ingredients as well.

These different ingredients include a lot of things such as fruit juices, syrups of different variety of flavors, cream and many others. It is very often that cocktails are also made with more than one type of alcohol in them. Cocktails are one of the oldest types of drinks in the world. There are many cocktails which are termed as classics, they have been going on since a lot of years. While there are also some types of cocktails which are made with little changes to the recipes to the original ones. In fact, many cocktail bars offer a service in which you can customize your own cocktail. You can select all the ingredients that go into your drink and they will prepare it for you then and there.