If someone is owning a car in a country like UAE then he must be very much responsible when it comes to the maintenance of the car as it is not going to be easy to afford frequent expensive repairings. He must also drive cautiously because rough and harsh driving will ultimately reduce the longevity of car’s engine and on the other hand increases the chances of accidental collision as well. The owner should secure his car from dust and rain by covering it up with an appropriate car cover. He must make sure that the car is not parked under direct sunlight to avoid any body damage as direct heat will destroy it’s original color. Apart from all the precautions the owner should clean his car properly on daily basis. For this purpose there are a number of cleaning chemicals suppliers in UAE who offer a wide range of cleaning products to the customer. 


It is an agent which dissolves any greasy or oily material from hard surfaces. Usually people scrub the car’s surface forcefully with a scrubbing brush to remove any type of hard greasy stain but this is not preferable as it can destroy car’s appealing look by scratching off the original color. For this purpose a degreaser is very essential in the car’s cleaning kit as it will remove any grease or oil from the car’s surface smoothly and easily without causing any damage.

Microfiber towels:

Most of the people use old t-shirts and clothes for cleaning purpose of car but this is not a good idea as using such material will cause scratches on car’s body. To avoid such damage the owner must buy a microfiber towel as it is very soft and is ideal for daily cleaning of the car’s surface and interior as well.

Pressure washer:

Pressure washer Dubai is again a best option while cleaning a car as it is very convenient to use and allow the owner to wash the whole car in lesser time. On the other hand it also remove all the dirt and grime effectively from the car’s surface.

Liquid polish shiner:

This is very essential for a car’s appealing appearance as it gives it a glossy and new look. Apart from this, it also remove any dirt from car’s surface, protect its original paint and enhances the longevity.