If your child is seven years old or more than it then you have so many ways to make his or her birthday special because it is the age group in which children get attach so much to their parents that most of their things and favourites are in the knowledge of parents. 

Out of so many ways, I can recommend you few of them. You can compile all of them to make it great or do anyone and surprise your toddler with lovely gifts and presents which you give him or her in any form. The ways to make the day special are:

Cake and Birthday Party: If your child has so many friends or he or she loves to socialize and interacts with friends, then you can arrange table and chairs in a lounge with balloons and colourful to arrange a birthday in which you can keep different snacks and cake on table. You have option either to order a cake or bake it yourself but try to have his or her favourite cake on table. You can buy or cook snacks like fries, small burgers, chips and biscuits. However, it is better to buy from nearby store. It will make the preparation easier and let you have a party which can please you toddler the most!

Salon and Outing: If your child loves to go for outing at restaurants or shopping and if you can afford it, then take him or her to kids salon JLT or hair salon in Dubai marina and give a new hair look as present then take them for lunch to any affordable restaurant and order his or her favourite dish and a slice of cake to cut and make it unique. This activity or plan can delight your shining star and make the day memorable for him or her the most.

Beach or nature and celebration: Is your child different from others? Does he or she adore nature and love to watch sky all the time? If yes, then do something different. Plan a day at beach or visit to hill station or any site from where you two can see sunset or sunrise completely that can mesmerize him or her. You can take with you and open it when you have reached the spot to surprise him or her. This will make the day very heart-warming and overwhelming for your child.