Window tinting is an essential task which needs to be done carefully so that it provides its maximum benefits. Window tinting makes car looks cooler than they already are and their benefits are also numerous. But one benefit that we will be discussing right now is the fact that window tinting helps reduce heat in the car, if that is a myth or a truth that we are yet unaware of?

To keep it short and simple without getting into a lot of details, yes. Yes, tinted car windows do help in reduction of heat in the cars. The reason is that, tinting means adding a layer on your windows. This layer is designed in such a way that it lets only a minimum amount of radiation pass through the windows. In this way, the thermal rays emitting from sun will pass through the shielded filter which will block the heat meaning only light waves will be allowed in making your car filled with light and not heat.

Window tinting in Dubai is famous because the front window of car is placed in such an angle that it provides you a wide access view of the road and that is why it also allows a lot of sun rays inside which again bring heat alongside. Though sun rays bring vitamin D with them but we all know that exposed to UV rays for longer period of times can become very harmful, especially when car is parked under the sun. There are scary incidents when credit cards left on dash board in sunny afternoons resulted in melted ice cream. When cars are parked, UV rays are only entering and there is no way for it to get out which makes your car full of solar energy that can be harmful foryour health and that is when car tinting deals Dubai that keeps your car cooler in even in the highest temprature. 

After understanding the importance of car tints, let’s move to the main question. How much heat does car tinted windows block? The amount of heat that car windows block can vary from tint to tint as there are several options out there with several different shades and types. At most, a good tint can block out 75-80% of heat while the least that will be blocked will be 35-45% which is also a good amount.