There are so many things to know about this world and globe because many of them are very interesting like fiberglass. Fiberglass, commonly known as fiber reinforced plastic, is a material which is made of glass fiber, cloth, carbon fiber, bamboo, coir, hemp fiber, carbon mat and modal. Coir, of them, is coconut fiber and modal is beech tree fiber. 

Used by most retail fit out companies in Dubai, these materials are mixed with resin to make anti-slippery and rust resistant fiberglass which can be flattened into sheets or woven into cloth or fabric to make different things out of it like bottling, docks, car body parts and many other things. 

Initially, it was used to make helmets in World War II in America but later GIs experimentation resulted in the creation of boat hulls and car bodies. They further used the material to make boats and sailboats as well. Although, boat hulls and car bodies are considered to be overly built, they could not be destroyed easily. Even today no human can destroy fibreglass made car bodies and boat hulls. Even though they were made in 50s and 60s, that’s the reason why they are used in different industries and companies and why they preferred over other materials.

What are the properties of fiberglass?

There are so many properties of fiberglass but the most properties are:

  1. It is anti-slippery. It keeps materials from slipping. That’s why it isused in bottling lines, wet surfaces, docks, plating plants in tough soil, making pulp for papers and several other areas. 
  2. It resist rusting due to which it is highly used in fountains, aquariums, electronics, car washing, automobiles, aerospace, defense industry, manufacturing and mining and many other areas.

What are the types of fiberglass?

There are many forms and types of fiberglass which are made according to the usage of different components in different proportions but the major types are:

  1. A-glass: It has window glass like properties. It is used to make equipment. It is also called as alkali glass because it resists chemicals.
  2. S-glass: It has different mechanical properties. That’s why it is also called as structural glass
  3. AE-glass: It is resistant to alkali
  4. C-glass: It is also called as chemical glass because it resists effects of different chemicals and 
  5. E-glass: It is basically a glass which is resistant to different things

Regarding forms, there are three main forms of fiberglass. It includes:

  1. Fibreglass tape
  2. Fibreglass cloth, and
  3. Fibreglass rope. 

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