When people want a change in their life, they are often suggested to change the setting and decor of their house. Because in this way they will not only get engaged for some time but also they will have a new and different looking home where they can feel a new life and where they can make new memories. Although it will be difficult for some people to change the setting as they were used to that but with the passage of time they will feel comfortable with the new setting  too. Villa interior design Dubai is available for different kinds of villas and you can choose one design according to your home and liking. There are certain dos and don’ts which you have to follow so that you will get a beautiful house not an awful place where you think that you wasted your time and money.

Things to do: Here are some things for your ease. As you are in Dubai so you should choose family of green color to make your house look beautiful and close to nature. You can choose any green color like sage, lime, Emerald, Pear or Shamrock. There are many other colors which have a tint of green. Green is preferable because it is considered as a holy color and also because it is the color of nature and by adopting this color you will make your house more like a natural place. You can also use other colors with contrast to green like yellow and pink. You should also change the furniture setting or if you have enough budgets then you can also add some new things to your furniture and décor. Add some plants and small decoration pieces.

Things to Avoid: A main mistake which people often do is that they paint their walls in darker shades, some even paint them black. This is a huge mistake. If you want darker shades then you have to paint only one of the walls of a room and rest should be lighter so that the effect of darker shades will be lessen. It is important because darker shades will make your room look small and congested. Dark colors should be avoided in luxury office interior design also because they increase your anger during work.